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Diamond Days

by Jean McGuire in My life
“Some days are diamonds, some days are stone.” – Dick Feller

In a world filled with turmoil and strife, it’s easy to focus on the negative. I have found myself doing that with more frequency than I am comfortable admitting. I have also spent some time processing my negative emotions on my posts and in my art.

Yesterday, however, was a completely different story. Yesterday was a great day. It restored my faith in simple pleasures and sweet hearts.

I started my day at home, taking my time writing and reading. I played my daily games and enjoyed the leisurely pace of my morning. I didn’t have any early clients or classes, so I was able to relax and enjoy my time at home.

I taught my only class at noon and then headed to the studio. I stopped at new restaurant I like and had a delightful ahi tuna poke bowl for lunch. It wasn’t anything special, just healthy, nutritious food served in reasonable portions.

My studio time was fruitful. Sometimes I show up at my studio and I have no focus or ambition. But yesterday I actually accomplished some work I’m proud of. I finished a portrait I’ve been working on that I really like. Next I worked on an abstract that is a little different for me, but that speaks to me. If I can figure out where to put it, this one may actually end up in my home.

Feeling good about my day I went home and changed into a “going out” outfit. Now, for me that means pretty much anything that isn’t yoga pants and a YMCA t-shirt, but it is nice to occasionally put some effort into my appearance. I felt good about the look I threw together.

Happy hour at the home of one of the most elegant women I know was followed by four of us going to dinner together. The evening was filled with laughter and story-telling.

Driving home I cranked my radio up as high as it would go and sang along as loudly as I could. I belted out song after song slapping the steering wheel for emphasis when necessary. I know the cars next to me at the stoplights were probably wondering what the hell such an old lady was doing with her music up so high. If you happen to see any videos online of me singing and car dancing, just ignore them.

When I got home I changed into boxers and a t-shirt. I wandered into the backyard and was treated to a glorious sight: The fireflies were out in force and they turned my yard into a magical place. It was like nature had used a strobe light to set the stage for my entertainment. I sat outside for a long time, just grinning and enjoying the show.

I went to sleep last night giving sincere thanks for all that went right in my day. There was nothing outwardly special about the day. I was in the right frame of mind, and I consciously enjoyed every moment of the day. I can’t overstate how nice that felt.

There are a lot of things going on in the world that I tend to get caught up in and upset about. I choose to work on those things and to try and make a difference. I never want my grandchildren to ask why I didn’t speak up when I should have.

There are also a lot of things right in my world and I am going to try and focus on those simple pleasures more often. If you need me tonight I’ll be in the backyard, watching the light show. If you want to slow down and enjoy the view, please join me.


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