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Change, Change, Change

by Jean McGuire in My life, Thoughts on Painting

The one thing in life that you can always depend on is change. I learned years ago that, for myself, formulating a 5-year plan is a good way to guarantee that change is on its way. I admire those who can plan that way, I just can’t do it.

After having a studio at InterUrban ArtHouse for the last two and a half years, I am moving locations. I am thrilled to announce that I now have a studio at the new Kansas City Artist’s Coalition location.

I loved my time at the InterUrban ArtHouse. It was an amazing time for me. My work has moved forward and progressed in ways I never foresaw. After giving up my art for almost 40 years, it’s been beyond thrilling to discover that this old dog can learn new tricks.

The ArtHouse has introduced me to artists from all over the area. I have made more friends in the KC arts community than I can count. Everyone’s willingness to support and share their knowledge has been appreciated. I have done my best to absorb everything they have had to teach me.

Despite my love for the ArtHouse, my career path changed this year and I am spending a lot more of my time driving between Waldo and downtown. With my new schedule, I frequently have breaks of 1-2 hours, which doesn’t leave me time to drive to Overland Park or home.

The KCAC studio location is almost exactly halfway between the two areas of town where I work. Moving to the new studio will allow me to go there in those gaps without having to drive out of my way.

I am looking forward to the new artists I will meet in the new location. I am going to remain a member of the ArtHouse and will continue to show there whenever I have the opportunity.  If you are interested in becoming a member, this link to their website can give you all the details. It’s a heck of a deal for the price: as a member, I will be showing in the December show at the ArtHouse.

Moving is one of my least favorite things, but I am really happy with the opportunities created by this move. I can’t wait to be done with all the details of moving so I can settle into the new space and see what creativity flows.

Thank you for everything each of you has done to support me on this journey!


Jean McGuire
Thanks, Marcia. It's been a pleasure painting with you. I look forward to continuing to see you in the future!
I will miss you at Interurban Art House and wish you a smooth transition to the artist coalition studio. It will be a great space for you to continue your fabulous journey as an amazing artist.

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