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Pandemic Art

by Jean McGuire in Thoughts on Painting

One of the many things I miss most about having to shelter in place is not being able to show my art.

My piece, La Dame Satisfaite, was accepted into the 2020 Art at the Center Exhibition in Overland Park, which was scheduled to take place in April. When the city issued their first shelter in place order, the exhibit was moved to May, hoping things would be better by then.

Unfortunately, that was not the case. I received the email this morning formally cancelling the show. I am not surprised, but it was disappointing to have the final decision made. Life goes on and there will be more shows in the future. My Dame, along with the work of all the other artists, will be shown somewhere, some time.

In the meantime, there are a lot of artists who are struggling with the loss of their creative income. Like many other occupations, few artists can afford to live off their sales. However, for most, that income helps offset the cost of their creativity. Canvas, paints, and clay are not cheap, but they are the necessary tools of our passion.

If you can, now is a great time to support a local artist or artists. Despite not being able to work in our studios, we are all producing work, some of which is helping us process the current situation. It may help others process their feelings too. Almost every artist I know has a website and is willing to ship their work to you. If you would like some suggestions, I would be happy to share some websites I know where you can find some great art at great prices.

As you know, you can always find my work on my website, Art By Jean McGuire. There are prices listed, but at this point in time, I would rather have my work on peoples walls instead of gathering dust in my studio or spare bedroom. In other words, make me an offer; “no reasonable offer will be refused.”

Most of the artists I am talking to regularly feel the same way.

For myself, I am trying to help. My resources are limited, but I am trying to purchase a few small pieces to help out other artists. I am very excited at extending my small collection of Kansas City artwork and feel like this is something I can do to help out locally.

I know we are all struggling through this pandemic, but if you can afford to help support the arts community in Kansas City, please do.




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