14"x11" Collage on canvas, framed


Description of All Broken Up

When the Covid19 isolation hit in early March one of the first things I did was move all of my supplies from my studio space to my home. I live in a small house, so due to lack of room, I had to convert my dining room into my studio. There is no natural light in this room, but it was the only place I had where I could work.

On top of the less than ideal physical set up, was my own mental resistance to creating. I have found that when I try to work from home I am willing to do almost any household chore (falling just short of actually cleaning the house,) to keep myself from painting. The stress and tension of the unknown situation we were living through only intensified that resistance.

An artist friend shared that she had started doing collages in order to help her stir her creative juices. This appealed to me because a collage is a simple thing that isn’t as intimidating as a blank canvas. A collage also felt really appropriate given the jumble of mixed emotions I was dealing with.

After a number of collages, I became fascinated with making colored prints of my own charcoal portraits, cutting them apart, and then re-assembling them mixing up the faces from multiple drawings. I then added random shapes around the edges to off-set the primary image. This piece is my favorite of these collages. I feel that imagery of being taken apart and being put back together again, but in not quite the same way as previously, is a perfect analogy for how I felt for the first month of isolation.

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