24"x30" Oil on canvas, gallery wrap


Description of Something On Her Mind

“Your hair’s too heavy.” “It’s all in your head.” For years my niece was told she was fine and that her debilitating headaches were caused by her overactive imagination. Finally, five years ago, someone ordered an MRI. They found a fist size tumor pushing against her cerebellum. It had been there for years.
After a successful surgery and years of fighting to recover, she is doing fine. There are some long term issues, but she is more functional than most people, and wicked smart and funny.
She has surprised a multitude of people, including most doctors, with how far she’s come since the day they cut into her head.
This portrait incorporates an interpretation of her MRI juxtaposed with a portrait based on a photo taken in the last year or so. I hope it shows some of her strength, resiliency, and positivity.

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