I am a Kansas City native who returned to painting a few years ago after a 40-year hiatus. I started my process by focusing on painting with my fingers, creating all the colors from five colors: red, blue, and yellow, black and white. I love watching the paints flow, shifting colors and shapes almost of their own volition.

As my work progressed and I started painting portraits, using brushes became a necessary part of my progress. I love the challenge of trying to catch a person’s personality or attitude in my portraits. The details I can achieve with a brush makes the artistic shift well worth it.

To keep things interesting, I have recently started experimenting with the effects of spattering, or throwing, the paint in layers to create an interesting background for my work or to give the impression of an image. Almost all of my landscapes are done using thrown paint, either as the entire painting, or as a launching point for the piece.

I have been fortunate to have had multiple opportunities to show my work.

I have had pieces at the Jones Gallery, Buttonwood Art Gallery, in the Overland Park Art at The Center, the Soul and the City show at the Hilliard Gallery, at Portraits of Kansas City at the Epsten Gallery, at the State of the Arts show and a tri-show at the Endres Gallery. I have also had solo shows at  Skyline Realty in Kansas City, Monarch Build in Overland Park, and at Blue Valley Library in Johnson County.