I was always considered the “art kid” growing up. When I was unable to make my pictures look exactly as I saw them in my head I gave up painting. If I couldn’t be another Rembrandt, I wasn’t interested in even trying. 

In the fall of 2014 I was e-mailing with a friend from my childhood on the topic of once again picking up the paints. In that moment the universe sent me a sign and I was contacted by Michael Molick of Molick Gallery inviting me to start oil painting classes. My initial reaction was “can I afford this?” but again the universe sent me a clear picture and after the first class I knew that this passion for art was well worth the investment. 

I am a Kansas City native and am fascinated by the effect of paint on canvas. I use my fingers to paint with and I create my colors utilizing only the three primary colors (red, blue, and yellow) and white. I have been featured as a guest artist during First Friday events at the Molick Gallery, was featured at the RAW Kansas City Glimpse art show, at the UMKC Mental Health Gallery exhibit, at Volkerfest 2016, and at Silver Screen Salon in the Crossroads. I have also displayed my work at the gallery at Unity Temple on the Plaza, and the office of Ellen Sheridan, DDS.