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Traveling Through Time

When a life-long friend called me a few days ago to tell me about her mother’s health issues, it brought out so many memories of my own mother’s struggles in the last few years of her life. As I listened to my friend try to figure out what the best course of care would be,… read more

Today’s Top 10

Most women I know have, at one point in their life, made a list of everything they want in a man. As they go through different phases of their life the list may change, but there’s still usually a list somewhere. The consistent top three for me are: Am I attracted to him? Is he… read more

The Leaving Of Memories

When my stepfather died a couple of years ago, my family was mildly amused by the obituary he wrote for himself. It was probably the longest obituary the paper had ever published. It was full of all the things that he had done in his life that were important to him. He listed accomplishments and… read more

Cancer is An Ugly Word

(This post was originally written in January of 2015. We have since lost my feisty mom to another illness, but I still feel strongly about the importance of self-checks.)  “Every woman needs to know the facts. And the fact is, when it comes to breast cancer, every woman is at risk”. -Debbie Wasserman Schultz Cancer… read more

My 5 Year Plan

There is a lot going on in the world around us that keeps me feeling out of balance and alignment. I cannot ignore these things, but I cannot allow these things to take over my life and turn me into a negative person. So, as negative as things feel, I am choosing to focus on… read more

A Perfect Cup Of Resistance

I make a damn good pot of coffee. I use a French Press, and I buy premium coffee from World Market. My favorite flavor is Breakfast Blend, which I always mix half and half with a decaf blend. It’s a little taste of heaven every morning. I love the Breakfast Blend, but it’s harder to… read more

My Discomfort Zone

I spend a lot of my time telling other people that they need to leave their comfort zone and stir up some energy. I tell them they need to do this because even if your effort doesn’t bring the desired results, it will lead you to something that will. I tell people to do this… read more

Heavy On Our Minds

My sister Claire gave birth to a baby girl in March of 1975. She was born with red hair, brown eyes and personality for miles. Years before the phrase “It takes a village,” was coined, my niece Mary was our family’s community baby. Mary spent a lot of time at our mother’s house and since… read more

Diamond Days

In a world filled with turmoil and strife, it’s easy to focus on the negative. I have found myself doing that with more frequency than I am comfortable admitting. I have also spent some time processing my negative emotions on my posts and in my art. Yesterday, however, was a completely different story. Yesterday was… read more

Rolling In The Glass

In the darkest hour of the night, a crash woke me and sent me scrambling from my bed, barefooted and mildly disoriented with sleep. In the dark, I ran into the kitchen, checking in there for damage. When I didn’t see anything in the kitchen, I ran into the dining room and checked there. Again,… read more