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Heavy On Our Minds

My sister Claire gave birth to a baby girl in March of 1975. She was born with red hair, brown eyes and personality for miles. Years before the phrase “It takes a village,” was coined, my niece Mary was our family’s community baby. Mary spent a lot of time at our mother’s house and since… read more

Diamond Days

In a world filled with turmoil and strife, it’s easy to focus on the negative. I have found myself doing that with more frequency than I am comfortable admitting. I have also spent some time processing my negative emotions on my posts and in my art. Yesterday, however, was a completely different story. Yesterday was… read more

Rolling In The Glass

In the darkest hour of the night, a crash woke me and sent me scrambling from my bed, barefooted and mildly disoriented with sleep. In the dark, I ran into the kitchen, checking in there for damage. When I didn’t see anything in the kitchen, I ran into the dining room and checked there. Again,… read more

Life Lessons From A Cat

I’ve learned a lot from my cat, Sugar, about how to deal with change. When I first took her in, she was a scared, injured animal who spent her first two weeks with me hiding under the bed. She gradually became more accustomed to her surroundings and soon started following me around the apartment. When… read more

Creative Changes

Five years ago I was a cog in the corporate wheel.  I was miserable working for other people. Even worse were the people who brought politics and agendas into the workforce. On more than one morning I woke up and burst into tears at the thought of having to show up at my work place. I… read more

Learning Differently

Everyone’s brain works differently and, as a result, we all learn differently. One good friend of mine has repeatedly tried to talk me into hiring a business/life coach. She just knows that if I would work with a trained coach they would share with me the same assignments she has received so much benefit from.… read more