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America’s Abusive Relationship

An abusive relationship is a manipulative relationship. An abuser may or may not hurt you physically, but they all try to brainwash their victim into believing that their behavior is “normal.” I don’t know if anyone else has noticed this, but I keep getting the feeling that our current administration feels a lot like the… read more

Social Reflections

I have seen a recent trend that intrigue me. It seems to break along the lines of sex and age. I try not to be a sexist or an ageist, but sometimes the facts fly in the face of that effort. The trend I am noticing seems to be most prevalent in women 45 or… read more

A Perfect Cup Of Resistance

I make a damn good pot of coffee. I use a French Press, and I buy premium coffee from World Market. My favorite flavor is Breakfast Blend, which I always mix half and half with a decaf blend. It’s a little taste of heaven every morning. I love the Breakfast Blend, but it’s harder to… read more

Family Love

I am going to try to keep politics out of a highly charged political situation. I am going to try to address families and how our country chose to separate children from their parents as they tried to enter our country. For now, I don’t really care that they were illegal aliens or if they… read more