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Pandemic Art

One of the many things I miss most about having to shelter in place is not being able to show my art. My piece, La Dame Satisfaite, was accepted into the 2020 Art at the Center Exhibition in Overland Park, which was scheduled to take place in April. When the city issued their first shelter… read more

The Re-Start Button

A year ago my landscape series, along with some other pieces, was selected to be shown at a local gallery. I received the call in January, but the show was not until November. I was actually relieved at the time because I knew that having almost a year to prepare would give me plenty of… read more

Change, Change, Change

The one thing in life that you can always depend on is change. I learned years ago that, for myself, formulating a 5-year plan is a good way to guarantee that change is on its way. I admire those who can plan that way, I just can’t do it. After having a studio at InterUrban… read more

Creative Changes

Five years ago I was a cog in the corporate wheel.  I was miserable working for other people. Even worse were the people who brought politics and agendas into the workforce. On more than one morning I woke up and burst into tears at the thought of having to show up at my work place. I… read more

An Artist’s Tale

During the first year of my return to painting, I produced a piece that was absolutely amazing in my head, but the reality of what I painted was distinctly lacking in my opinion. The colors were interesting, but the image just didn’t look the way I wanted it to. My theory of how to deal… read more

The Great Plains

The Great Plains by Jean McGuire, Oil on Canvas, 20 x 24 inches ©2015 I have said many times before that picking a favorite painting is like picking your favorite child. Since I always used to try and sweet-talk my daughters into doing favors for me by telling them they were my favorite, this statement… read more