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A Perfect Cup Of Resistance

I make a damn good pot of coffee. I use a French Press, and I buy premium coffee from World Market. My favorite flavor is Breakfast Blend, which I always mix half and half with a decaf blend. It’s a little taste of heaven every morning. I love the Breakfast Blend, but it’s harder to… read more

Seasonal Adjustment

The long, luxurious days of summer are waning. Yes, there are still hot days ahead, but the days are getting shorter and the nights are getting cooler. I don’t need a calendar for me to know that fall is coming. Every year at this time I have to really work on my self-talk. I love… read more


I’ve written a lot about women’s changing role and the impact those changes have made on me and my family. For all of that knowledge, I am also keenly aware of the changing roles for men and the confusion it has caused them. The men of my father’s generation were as trapped and suffocated by… read more

Pool House Memories

I am sitting in a small, 10’ x 10’ pool house as I write this. There is a pool, some chairs, lots of greenery and a lemon tree on the other side of the pool. The temperature is warm, but comfortable with a gentle breeze and no humidity. The weather and the view are amazing,… read more

Life Is Short

I spent most of my week working on a painting that has challenged me and my abilities. It is the third painting in a series of five and trying to maintain the movement of the piece has been difficult. It’s the type of work that you know you’re growing by doing, but it’s taking me… read more

Traveling Through Time

When a life-long friend called me a few days ago to tell me about her mother’s health issues, it brought out so many memories of my own mother’s struggles in the last few years of her life. As I listened to my friend try to figure out what the best course of care would be,… read more

Today’s Top 10

Most women I know have, at one point in their life, made a list of everything they want in a man. As they go through different phases of their life the list may change, but there’s still usually a list somewhere. The consistent top three for me are: Am I attracted to him? Is he… read more

The Leaving Of Memories

When my stepfather died a couple of years ago, my family was mildly amused by the obituary he wrote for himself. It was probably the longest obituary the paper had ever published. It was full of all the things that he had done in his life that were important to him. He listed accomplishments and… read more

What Happened to Fair and Equal?

Last week I saw a post on Facebook that a woman I’ve known for years posted. In the post my friend was bemoaning that Ilhan Omar was a member of congress. To support her concerns about this member of Congress, my friend posted a link to a video from One America News (OAN.) OAN is… read more

Cancer is An Ugly Word

(This post was originally written in January of 2015. We have since lost my feisty mom to another illness, but I still feel strongly about the importance of self-checks.)  “Every woman needs to know the facts. And the fact is, when it comes to breast cancer, every woman is at risk”. -Debbie Wasserman Schultz Cancer… read more