12" tall Charcoal on toned paper, unframed


Description of Donnie

In March of 2020 Donnie Sanders was driving down the street when a police officer started following him after making a U-turn coming from the opposite direction. The police dash cam offers no explanation as to why the officer started following him. After both vehicles pulled into an alley the officer turned on his lights and siren as both vehicles stopped.
The officer is heard on his radio informing dispatch and other officers that the man “is bailing on foot.”
The officer tells Sanders to stop several times and commands him to, “Show me your hands.” Sanders responds, but what he says is inaudible on the video. After a short pause, the officer is heard yelling, “Dude, drop it.” He then yells “drop” four times before firing a series of shots in rapid succession.
The officer was not charged because Sanders held up his hand toward him as if he had a gun. Investigation by the police department determined that Donnie Sanders did not have a weapon and was unarmed.

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