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My Dad

March 2nd would’ve been my father’s 91st birthday. My dad was a hugely damaged survivor of a childhood so sadly violent that it is almost incomprehensible to the average person. The weight of his emotional baggage was so heavy, it severely hindered his ability to function appropriately in anything remotely close to the expected family dynamics… read more


When I was in grade school we had at least one recess every day. There was a large open space behind the school along with a lot of playground equipment. Back in those days, there were jungle gyms, seesaws, tether ball poles, along with a couple of huge swing sets. I now realize it was… read more

Choose Happiness

A friend of mine passed away recently and I attended her funeral and celebration of life. It was a sad time with lots of tears, but there was also a lot of laughter as people remembered her and the mark she made on each of our lives. My friend was kind and loving, the one… read more

My Christmas Cold

I got a cold for Christmas. It wasn’t on my wish-list, but nevertheless, it was the gift I received. Sniffling, sneezing, coughing, and just generally feeling like ass. I have no idea where the cold came from. During the course of an average week, I teach at 3 gyms, and 4 businesses, along with working… read more

The Re-Start Button

A year ago my landscape series, along with some other pieces, was selected to be shown at a local gallery. I received the call in January, but the show was not until November. I was actually relieved at the time because I knew that having almost a year to prepare would give me plenty of… read more

The One Percent

“Only you, in the entire universe, believe that somehow you are to blame…Perhaps it’s time to let that go…” ~ The Shack by William Paul Young The last few weeks have been hard. Things have happened in my world that have left me feeling tired, stressed, and feeling like I’m the only one who can… read more

Thanksgiving Memories

When I woke up this morning I had no idea how badly I would be triggered today. It’s Thanksgiving and while we no longer celebrate the way we used to, I enjoy the holiday and the friends and family I get to spend time with. I went to bed last night looking forward to it.… read more

Good-bye Summer

I am not outside as much as I used to be when I was training for summer endurance events, but I am still a lover of the warmer weather. I feel more relaxed and at ease when the sun is shining and the warmth envelops me like a comforting blanket. I prefer the warmth of… read more

Change, Change, Change

The one thing in life that you can always depend on is change. I learned years ago that, for myself, formulating a 5-year plan is a good way to guarantee that change is on its way. I admire those who can plan that way, I just can’t do it. After having a studio at InterUrban… read more

Earning My Daily Bread

The inevitable question when meeting someone new is “what do you do?” It is a given in our society that this question is meant to address what we do for a living. I’m not real sure how we got to the point that our work is how we define ourselves, but here we are. It’s… read more